Candle discovery set

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As each Balade candle has a preferred ignition moment, we know that you will want to have all 4 at home! Whether it's for a summer morning, an evening with friends or a moment to take care of yourself, each Balade candle will accompany you and offer you comfort and peace of mind in your daily life.

Candles: Café Soleil, Summer Walk, Mindfulness, Confidences.

All of our candles are made entirely from natural soy wax. Natural soy wax offers superior quality candles that are more ecological and above all less toxic than other alternatives such as paraffin. It also allows your candles to burn longer and softer, giving you peace of mind and a warm ambiance.

To ensure that your candle retains its shape for as long as possible, we recommend letting the wax melt down to the sides of the glass container, especially on first use. If possible, also trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each use. If these two instructions are not followed, the candle may form a tunnel, leaving wax on the sides and preventing the wick from getting enough oxygen to stay lit. We also advise you not to leave your candle burning for more than 2 hours. Take advantage!


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