What is Café Balade?

Café Balade is damn good specialty coffee made with love by master roasters in Montreal. Café Balade is also your faithful walking companion, your ally for reflection and introspection. It gives you the creative energy and focus you need, while offering you the comfort and encouragement of a friend.

Much more than a simple drink, it is the one that accompanies you and allows you to refocus on the winding path of life. This comrade who, rain or shine, will complete you in each of your walks.

Behind Cafe Ride

Hello, I'm Em! I am passionate about coffee, reading and human relations.

For several years, I wanted to encapsulate what coffee means to me. At the age of 18, I was already saying that my retirement dream would be to have a café where people could come to study, read, discuss, fall in love or simply confide.

Before launching Café Balade, I undertook many things, always with a cup of coffee in hand. I went to college, worked in a 9 to 5 office job, and ultimately practiced as a content creator for over 10 years. I alternated between coffee-latte-with-caramel-for-days-marked-with-lightness and coffee-filter-dose-of-courage. In all these stages of my life, coffee has accompanied me, being this constant to offer me courage and comfort.

I'm launching Café Balade hoping to be able to offer you this safe space , this bubble that reconnects you with yourself and others. May Café Balade accompany you and offer you introspection, creativity, benevolence and motivation along the way.