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Café Balade collaborates with a Canadian coffee bean import agency based in Calgary. This agency's mission is to find the best coffees in different regions. These quality coffees are carefully selected at source, offering full traceability back to the farms where they were grown. These coffees are also sourced sustainably. In addition, each purchase from this import agency includes a bonus offered directly to producers.

In an airtight container, at room temperature, away from air and light.

To determine the best brewing method for the coffees you buy, we recommend that you consult our brewing guide. This guide will provide you with the best advice and recommendations suitable for different brewing machines and methods.

You will find detailed instructions on how to prepare your coffee in the best way and take full advantage of its unique flavors!

The flavors indicated on our coffee labels refer to the taste and aromatic characteristics perceived when tasting the coffee. These flavors can vary depending on the variety of coffee, its terroir, its transformation process and its roasting.

When flavors are mentioned on a coffee label, they are used to describe the nuances and taste profiles that can be found in the cup of coffee. For example, flavors such as chocolate, berries, nuts, citrus, or spices can be mentioned to describe the specific aromas and taste notes present in the coffee.

Our coffees are roasted to provide similar levels of roast, ranging from medium to light roast. This approach preserves the specific characteristics of each grain and highlights the complexity of its flavors. Our coffees are versatile, suitable for both espresso and filter coffee brewing. You will thus be able to fully appreciate the richness and subtlety of the aromas of our coffees, whatever your choice of preparation.