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Do you dream of traveling light, but refuse to leave behind the delicious coffee you enjoy at home? From camping to glamping, the AeroPress is your ideal travel partner.

Very simple, this coffee infusion technique allows you to make no compromise in terms of its taste, and to enjoy it anywhere!

How to brew your Balade coffee with an AeroPress :

  1. Carefully remove the plunger from the AeroPress cylinder.
  2. Place a filter in the lid of the AeroPress and close it tightly.
  3. Place the cylinder on a cup.
  4. Pour 14 g to 18 g of finely ground Balade coffee into the cylinder.
  5. Add double the amount of coffee poured in water (for example, if you poured coffee up to line 1, pour water up to number 2, which is about 30 g of water).
  6. Let stand for one minute.
  7. Stir gently for 10 seconds for a hot brew, or for one minute for an ice cold brew.
  8. Insert the plunger into the cylinder of the AeroPress and press down gently , letting the weight of your hand guide the plunger down. Stop when the plunger touches the coffee.
  9. Remove the lid from the AeroPress and press the plunger to remove the coffee grounds.
  10. Thoroughly rinse your AeroPress so it's ready for your next cup of Balade coffee!
  11. Enjoy your ride. ☕️


Different ways to enjoy brewed coffee with the AeroPress:


Notes from Emilie 🌸: Here are my different recipes to taste
Café Balade using an Aeropress.

Espresso : Drink the result as is.

Drip coffee : Add hot water to a cup according to your coffee strength preference. For a regular filter coffee, add about 200 ml of hot water.

Latte : For an 8oz latte, add about 200ml of your favorite milk (ratio 1:8).
For a 12 oz latte, add about 350 ml of your favorite milk (ratio 1:12).

Either way, make sure you heat it up well, and don't forget the mousse!

Cappuccino : Add approximately 146 ml of your favorite milk (ratio 1:5) to your espresso.

Make sure you heat it up well, and don't forget the mousse!

Iced coffee : In your most beautiful glass, add a little water at room temperature (about 100 ml), ice cubes and your favorite milk.

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