Cafetière Italienne (Moka Pot)

Moka Pot

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If this magnificent chrome object is found in the cupboards of many people, few know how much the Italian coffee maker is a precious ally for brewing rich and authentic coffees.

The Italian coffee maker is a much cheaper alternative to an espresso machine, with a comforting artisanal touch that allows you to obtain a delicious coffee without breaking your head.

How to brew your Balade coffee
with an Italian coffee maker:

IMPORTANT! There are several models of Italian coffee maker.
Make sure you know how much your machine's coffee chamber can hold. We give you here the indications to obtain 300 ml of coffee, but you can adjust the quantities according to the ratio 1:10 (1g of coffee for 100 ml of water).
  1. To boil the water
  2. Add boiling water to the water tank (lower part of the coffee maker)
  3. Fill the coffee chamber with 30g of coffee
  4. Distribute the ground coffee evenly with a few light strokes on a flat surface or using a needle dispenser
  5. Heat a stovetop over medium-low heat
  6. Place the coffee maker with the lid open on the round
  7. Let the coffee begin to circulate between the rooms
  8. Keep the heat fairly low during cooking (adjust if necessary by removing the coffee maker from the heat or lowering the temperature)
  9. After about seven minutes , remove from the heat when the coffee begins to splatter.
  10. Pour into your prettiest cup (probably a Balade cup!)
  11. Drink as is or add milk / water to make the recipe of your choice!

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