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Nothing like a good espresso! This classic brew is loved for its creamy mouthfeel and the subtle flavors and aromas that can be extracted in a cup. ☕️


How to brew your Balade coffee to make a perfect espresso :

IMPORTANT! We give you here the indications for a machine whose filter holder can contain 18g of coffee. You can adjust your quantities by following the ration 1:12 (1g of ground coffee for 12ml of water).

  1. Fill the machine's water tank (it's ok to put more than is needed to brew a single coffee).
  2. Preheat the machine.
  3. Fill the filter holder with the required amount of coffee (eg 18g).
  4. Pack the ground coffee with a few taps on a flat surface and level it with your index finger.
  5. Apply light even pressure with a press.
  6. Insert the filter holder into the machine.
  7. Run the coffee into your cup for about 36 seconds (or less, depending on the desired taste, machine and beans).
  8. Drink as is or add milk, foam or water to make your favorite recipe!

Different types of espresso machines:

The type of machine will obviously influence how your coffee is prepared and brewed. Make sure you know the parameters of your machine to optimize your ride. ☀️

  • The manual machine (including the lever model)
  • The automatic machine
  • The semi-automatic machine

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